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Health Care Costs from Injuries in Egypt

While the burden to Egyptian society from injury mortality is substantial, the burden from injury morbidity is extraordinary. This can be seen from a number of perspectives. For example, from a health care cost perspective, based on hospital discharge data, injuries were the fourth leading reason for inpatient admissions to general and district hospitals in 1999. It was the second leading cause for hospitalizations for males and the fifth leading cause among females. There were 127,216 hospital admissions for all reasons in Egypt in 1999, of which 15,151 (11.9%) were due to injuries (Table 3). Among discharged patients, the peak frequency of injuries in both males and females occurred in the 5-9 years age group. More than 70% of injury related hospitalizations occurred among individuals 1-35 years of age. There was an overall 2.3:1 male preponderance, which was substantially larger in the younger age groups (Figure 2).

Table 3: All hospitalizations and injury related hospitalizations by age and sex, Egypt 1999


Figure 2: Injury hospitalizations as a percentage of all hospitalizations by Sex, Egypt 1999