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Epidemiology of Injuries In Egypt


Course Description

Epidemiology of Injuries in Egypt is a new course jointly offered by the Egyptian Ministry of Health and Population (MOH&P) and the School of Medicine, University of Maryland, USA. The course is intended to help participants who are working on or are interested in injury prevention, collecting, coding, and entering injury data to improve their expertise in this field. Injury epidemiology is an exciting subject and participants will be strongly encouraged to express their ideas and suggestions throughout the course.


This four to five days course is intended to introduce the trainees to the meaning and importance of injury epidemiology and prevention and to the relevant issues of data collection and coding. Injury prevention is a very broad field encompassing a number of disciplines such as public health, law enforcement, emergency medical services, occupational health, and road and traffic safety. It is impossible to create a single curriculum that covers it all. However, we did our best to make sure that this course matches the needs of the trainees. Our flexible curriculum will be routinely updated based on the response of the trainees, their feedback and needs assessment.

 Course Learning Objective:

After completion of this course, participants will be able to:

  • Understand the meaning and scope of injury epidemiology.

  • Recognize injury as a major social and public health problem and how injury compares with other leading causes of morbidity and mortality with regard to burden on the population.

  • Recognize the importance of collecting injury data and its importance in priority setting, program planning, quality improvement, and advocacy in injury prevention.

  • Recognize how to collect accurate injury data and present it in a clear and understandable manner.

  • Define and understand injury outcome metrics.

  • Define and understand simple measures of injury risk.

  • Use computer programs such as Microsoft Access and/or Microsoft Excel for purposes of data entry and management.

 Open to

Appropriate candidates include physicians, public health practitioners, injury researchers, medical students, post graduate students, and other individuals with appropriate backgrounds and interests in injury research.

Age Restrictions: None. 

Candidate Qualifications and Selection Criteria

Likelihood of making a substantial impact in field of injury epidemiology and research, and convenient educational background and degrees. Knowledge, work experience, and publications in injury prevention are favorable but not necessary. All candidates must be Egyptians.


To be considered for this workshop, please e-mail your CV to

Dr. Maged El-Setouhy